amalaki expressive arts

* transcending and/or reaching beyond the personal..

There are times in our lives when we feel slightly stuck, we just can’t seem to find our next step forward. Perhaps we don’t know which direction to take in our career or family life, or we feel held back in other ways. However we can’t seem to lay our finger on what it is that is holding us back. Sometimes throughout our lives the very same or similar old issues seem to be repeating themselves. No matter how much we talk about these issues with our close friends, partners, family or even counsellors, we cannot seem to shift these blockages. But like the most beautiful and inspiring Pema Chodron has said:

Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know – Pema Chodron

Sometimes all we need in a situation like this is a simple nudge to keep going, at other times we may need to listen to deeper passions or long forgotten dreams and callings. What might be needed is to connect with different aspects of our Selves, parts which have not been heard or listened to for a while. The next step could be to find ways to integrate these parts so we can become whole again.

My approach is very client centered and during a session we either briefly discuss a persistent or recurring issue or perhaps you don’t want to or you feel there is no need to. By using a variety of art
materials, from pastels and oil crayons to paint, mixed media, collage and clay we get in contact with the subconscious part of our being and bring unknown and helpful resources back into our awareness. Sometimes we may include drumming, music or role play. The whole process is very much an intuitive one and I journey right alongside you to the places within where you need to go to obtain healing or guidance as needed.

 “I have attended  Vivian’s group art therapy class and cannot recommend Art therapy with Vivian highly enough.  I initially felt a little self conscious at my lack of art ability, yet soon discovered no art experience was needed in any way.   Vivian creates a calm and welcoming environment which together with her skill and intuition definitely make her classes a journey worth taking.”  – Ruth

Various options are available, from a therapeutic process in a group situation to individual one-one-one sessions.

Please see the ‘What’s Happening’ button on the left for current workshops, and contact me if you would like something more tailored to your individual needs or for bookings.

Prices vary, from $60 to $150 per session, depending on inclusions, duration etc.

Absolutely no art experience is required and all materials are provided.