amalaki expressive arts

About Me

My origins and roots are in the Netherlands, however having travelled around the world I feel at home pretty much everywhere quite easily. Traveling has had a deep influence on my life is many ways and strongly enforced my existing emphasis on the importance of self expression. My life has been infused with creativity and self expression from a very early age and fortunately my parents always encouraged me to express myself through various mediums.

My passion to live life in an inspired and most spirited way has an effect on everything I do, feel, think and say. Over the years I have immersed myself in various creative outlets, with mixed media, book arts and art journals being the most natural processes for me. While witnessing the healing aspects of art making while teaching workshops I decided to take up a diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy. To make meaning of our lives, feel a sense of purpose while noticing the triggers which make us grow in self awareness I feel is where things come together to blossom.

i look forward to meeting you!