amalaki expressive arts

* especially for you

These workshops are custom made for you! Get a group of friends or family together and work with a theme or concept in mind. These workshops can be mainly therapeutic based, focussed on personal growth or purely art or craft based,  perhaps a combination of each. With my years of experience facilitating various workshops I am ready to take it one step further and come to your place, or together we can organise a community setting or go out into the open air.

Please approach me with your ideas and we can discuss from there! A couple of ideas, to get you thinking:

* Preparations before Engagement or Wedding

* Meditation Night with a Deepening of Experience through Art

* Group Mandala for Workplace Team Building

* Teacher Gift from a Group of Parents

* Siblings Bonding

* Hens Night

* Birthday Party Ideas

Please contact me for details and costings. If you have a very specific date or time in mind, please make sure to book in early!