amalaki expressive arts


Hello, and welcome to our website. I wonder what brought you here. Perhaps it was curiosity or general nosey-ness. Maybe you have known me for a while and you would only like to have a quick peek and check out what it is that I do and/or can offer people. Perhaps you have come through a search engine, or my card has somehow mysteriously (or not so mysteriously) made it into your bag. Maybe you are looking for a solution to a problem or have been advised by someone to look me up. Then there is also the possibility of general guidance (don’t you just love ‘general guidance’?? Sometimes also referred to as ‘intuition’, ‘circumstances’, ‘coincidence’ or ‘fate’?) bringing you to this site. Whichever the case may be, I am happy you are here.

Around the site you will be able to find information about some of the things we offer, upcoming projects and workshops can be found here as well as the various types of workshops without a set date. If you would like to find out more about what will be on offer in the future please send your details through here and you will be kept in the loop regards ‘what is happening’.. maybe one day there will even be a newsletter !

Quite a number of people have asked me about the name Amalaki as my chosen business name. For years this name has travelled along with me through various adventures however recently the meaning has become more and more important to me.

Amalaki, or Phyllanthus Emblica is the name of the Indian Gooseberry which grows in the Himalayan foothills. The properties of this particular deciduous tree are quite amazing to say the least and Ayurvedic practitioners know it as a herb that enhances and restores the process of conservation, transformation and resurgence of the life force. It is a natural adaptogen, which modifies the body’s response to stress, and is also known as ‘the nurse to humanity’ as well as ‘the great rejuvenator’ !

What a beautiful name to carry and personally I relate the name closely to expressive arts and the healing properties any form of creative expression potentially holds within. When we resolve old rusty fears or problems we feel rejuvenated and transformed. As if a weight is lifted from our shoulders and we walk on with a straight back and a spring in our step.

Any resolve, transmutation or transformation on any level works like a drop of water falling into a puddle. The ripples touch their surroundings and finally will make it to the outside of the puddle. Now imagine a drop falling into a large lake, the very same effects still occur however on a wider, larger scale.

Everything we do, think, say or feel has an effect on our immediate (and ultimately wider spread) surroundings and you can only start to imagine what the ripple effect truly looks like!

Enjoy having a look around and I look forward to hearing from you!